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Paying medical bills online is now straightforward by using the PhysicianBillPay payment portal at 

PhysicianBillPay( is a web app that allows users to pay for medical services online securely from anywhere. When using the PhysicianBillPay website, you won’t be charged an extra fee as you make the payment.

To use the PhysicianBillPay website properly, Make sure you read all the steps properly before leaving this Physician Bill Pay login guide.

gin page. So, get to make all your hospital bills online using the PhysicianBillPay website at is a legitimate and secure payment portal to use. Therefore, get to learn more about Physician Bill Pays by reading this article.

What is PhysicianBillPay?

PhysicianBillPay is a medical billing online portal in which you can register and log in to pay your healthcare or hospital bills. To use PhysicianBillPay, you will need to provide personal information like date of birth, last name, and account number to access your account and pay your bills.

Moreover, this portal enables you to enter your email address, password, and physical address, making it simple to make medical bills.

Steps to Login & Pay Medical Bills at PhysicianBillPay

Do you want to pay your medical bills on the PhysicianBillPay portal? Then use the following login steps to access your account and make the payment.

PhysicianBillPay Login

  1. Visit the official Physician Bill Pay login website at on your browser.
  2. Enter your account number and password, which is your date of birth.
  3. Choose your preferred language between English and Spanish. Click Login
  4. You will be redirected to a new page to enter the details from the hospital receipt. 
  5. You need to fill out essential information, including doctor information, insurance details, full name, physical address, etc. When you are done, click next to continue.
  6. Now an online receipt will appear and check if the amount is like the one on your physical receipt.
  7. Then choose the payment option and proceed to make the payment

NB: Suppose you don’t have the account number. Open your medical bill statement and locate your account number in the upper right corner. As for the date of birth, enter the month, day, then the year.

PhysicianBillPay - Pay Healthcare Bills at

Pay Medical Bills on PhysicianBillPay Via Phone

Another way to access the PhysicianBillPay portal is by calling the customer support team. So, when your internet connection fails, don’t worry. You can make your payments on time. To contact the Physician Bill Pay support team, use these steps.

  1. Call +1 866 396-6416
  2. Follow the prompts

You will make your medical payments via the PhysicianBillPay portal when you follow the instructions. Furthermore, this number is available 24/7.

Suppose you have any query about any of their services, you can call them through the same number, and they are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 Am to 5:00 Pm.

How to Sign Up on PhysicianBillPay?

There is no registration process for the Physician Bill Pay web portal. All you need is to have the patient’s account number, which is found in the upper right corner of the billing statement. The password is the date of birth of the patient.

Physician Bill Pay Portal Requirements

Accessing this medical bill payment portal, you need the following things.

  • Stable internet connection
  • PC, Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet
  • Login details (account number and password)

Using these details, you can either use the official website or download the official PhysicianBillPay app on your smartphone or tablet. So, with these details, you can now access your account and pay your medical bill.

PhysicianBillPay Details

Portal NamePhysicianBillPay
ServiceBill Payments
Field of ServiceMedical
Portal UsageUSA residents
Payment MethodsCredit or Debit Cards
LanguagesEnglish and Spanish

How to Reset Physician Bill Pay Password?

Did you forget your Physician Bill Pay account’s password? Then don’t panic, as there is a way of recovering your password. Follow the steps below to reset your password.

  1. Go to the official PhysicianBillPay website.
  2. On the login page, click forgot password.
  3. Answer the security questions, then click continue
  4. Go to your email address and check for your password reset link
  5. Click the link and set a new password

Note: The password should contain alphanumeric characters.

Benefits of Using PhysicianBillPay

There are various reasons why you should use the PhysicianBillPay payment platform to process your medical bills.

First, this portal is secure. This means that your personal information is safe, and no other party apart from your bank will gain access to your personal information.

Additionally, they offer you a fast way to pay for your medical bills using your credit card, debit card, or online payment methods.

Lastly, it is easy to use as the user interface is simple and elaborate. It has no hidden steps.

Is PhysicianBillPay Secure?

PhysicianBillPay’s website is 100% secured via HTTPS protocol. You may be wondering if the portal will safeguard your personal information. That should be the least of your worries if that’s the case. It is because this medical payment portal guarantees you the security of your personal information.

The only organization that they share your data with is your bank. But no other third party can access your personal information.

Physician Bill Pay Contact Details

You may encounter issues while accessing your Physician Bill Pay account. The best step to take is to contact the support team. For your information, the support team is available to handle your queries from Monday to Friday from 8:30 Am to 5:00 Pm. Reach them by calling (866 396-6416).


PhysicianBillPay is a secure billing portal where you can pay your medical bills stress-free. Suppose you have been having issues paying for your medical bills. Then, the Physician Bill Pay is fast, simple, and secure. You require your account number and date of birth to access your account.

Furthermore, Physician Bill Pay does not share your personal information with other companies for promotional or advertising purposes. Due to the need for your personal and financial information security, they share your details with your bank only when processing payments.

Therefore, use the PhysicianBillPay portal and pay for your healthcare bills today.

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