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TheDoctorBill ( is a web app that allows users to pay for health care services online.

Make sure you read all the steps properly to use the TheDoctorBill without issues.

So, get to make all your hospital bills online using the TheDoctorBill website at, also known as The Doctor Bill Pay Portal, is a recognized and trusted website to pay medical bills.

What is TheDoctorBill?

TheDoctorBill is a medical billing online portal in which you can register and log in to pay your healthcare or hospital bills. To use TheDoctorBill, you will need to provide personal information like date of birth, last name, and account number to access your account and pay your bills.

Moreover, this portal enables you to enter your email address, password, and physical address, making it simple to make hospital bills.

Do you want to pay your hospital bills on the TheDoctorBill portal?

Then use the following login steps to access The Doctor Bill account and pay all pending health care bills.

Note: is currently moved to

Login to TheDoctorBill

  1. Visit the official The Doctor Bill login website at on your browser.
  2. Enter your account number and password, which is your date of birth and click on login.
  3. You will be redirected to a new TheDoctorBill page to enter the details from the hospital bill receipt.
  4. Now an online receipt will appear; check if all the bills are correct.
  5. Then choose the payment option and proceed to make the payment.

Important Note: If you don’t have the Patient account number, then open the medical bill statement. You can locate the account number in the upper right corner of the statement.

Www.TheDoctorBill.Com Pay Healthcare Bills Online

Pay Hospital bills on TheDoctorBill Via Phone

Another way to access the TheDoctorBill portal is by calling the customer support team. So, when your internet connection fails, don’t worry. You can make your payments on time. To contact the doctor’s bill support team, Call +1 866 396-6416.

You can pay your medical bills via the TheDoctorBill telephone support when you follow the instructions. Furthermore, this number is available 24/7.

If you have any queries about Www.TheDoctorBill.Com, you can call them at +1 866 396-6416.

The TheDoctorBill support team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:40 AM to 520 PM.

TheDoctorBill Medical Bill Payment Portal Information

ServiceOnline Payments
LocationUSA residents
Payment ModeCredit Cards & Debit Cards
TheDoctorBill Bill Payment Portal Info

Forgot TheDoctorBill Password

Did you forget your TheDoctorBill.Com account’s password? 

If you did, follow the steps written below to reset your TheDoctorBill password.

  1. Go to the official TheDoctorBill.Com.
  2. On the TheDoctorBill.Com login page, click forgot password.
  3. Answer security questions, then click continue. Go to your email address and check for your password reset link.
  4. Click the link received in your Gmail and set a new password for your account.

Note: The TheDoctorBill password should contain alphanumeric characters.

Www.TheDoctorBill.Com Bill Pay Benefits

There are different reasons to pay hospital bills using the TheDoctorBill payment platform.

First, the Www.TheDoctorBill.Com website is protected. This means that your personal information is safe, and no other partaker apart from your bank will gain access to clients personal data.

Additionally, Www.TheDoctorBill.Com offers you a fast way to pay for your hospital bills using your credit card, debit card and other online payment modes.

Lastly, it is easy to use the Www.TheDoctorBill.Com as the website user interface is simple and fast.

Is TheDoctorBill Website Secure?

The TheDoctorBill is 100% a genuine and officially recognized medical bill payment portal. All the payment details and personal details you provide are secure.

Contact Details of TheDoctorBill

You may encounter issues while accessing your doctor bill account. The best step to take is to contact the support team. For your information, the support team is available to handle your queries from Monday to Friday from 8:30 Am to 5:00 Pm. Reach them by calling (866 396-6416).

Why is TheDoctorBill Website Not Functional?

As per an announcement on the official website on 23rd September 2019, the portal will shift to This means The Doctor Bill portal is not working, but you can make your payment through a new website called the PhysicianBillPay. This portal works like TheDoctorBill. Let’s say it is the new doctor’s bill.

To access the Physician BillPay, you need to enter your account number, last name, and date of birth. After that, click login and you can now access your account and make medical payments.

Will The Doctor Bill Website Be Back?

Yes. According to the website, it is under construction, meaning they are working to make the portal more secure and easy to use. Therefore, when the maintenance and new features are added, you will continue making healthcare bills through the TheDoctorBill payment portal.

TheDoctorBill.Com Pay Bill Conclusion

TheDoctorBill is a secure medical and health care billing portal where you can pay your hospital bills stress-free. 

If you have been having issues paying for your hospital bills, then the Bill Pay website is what you need. Customers only require the account number and date of birth to access the TheDoctorsBill account.

Furthermore, The Doctor Bill does not share your personal information with other companies for promotional or advertising purposes. Due to the need for your personal and financial information security, they share your details with your bank only when processing payments.

Therefore, use the TheDoctorBill portal and pay for your healthcare bills today.

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