PM Narendra Modi insulted us, said the Yoga Fans

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the International Yoga Day on Sunday morning at India Gate, hundreds of yoga fans were denied access to the venue as they did not have the legislature stamped welcome cards. “What is this?” Modi cheated us, said C.K.S. Shanmugasundaram, a Yoga advisor who had come from Tamil Nadu to take an interest in the inaugural function.

“I hereby state that this is against the soul of yoga. They need to make it global yet here at the national level they are prejudicial toward overall general public. Take a gander at that,” he said, indicating at a gathering of individuals arguing the police let them cross the blockade. They [the government] made an idiot out of us.”

PM Narendra Modi insulted the Yoga Fans:

Mr Shanmugasundaram reportedly following a 36-hour train journey, landed in Delhi on Saturday morning. He went through a night with his companion at Preet Vihar, dreaming that next morning he would get an opportunity to ruminate at India Gate alongside yoga stalwarts like Baba Ramdev.


Later, Mr. Shanmugasundaram who couldn’t digest the situation had went to Tilak Marg police headquarters to document a complaint against the Ministry, which sent him a progression of instant messages about the criticalness of yoga in regular life. “The Ministry urged me to come here however now I feel duped.”

News from the centre is that by 7.00 a.m. on Monday, the horde of working class Indians, who stopped by the first metro of the day, expanded even more.

Young men and young ladies in yoga pants, more established couples in kurta-night robe and candidates from faraway places like Kanpur and Allahabad, had come to perform yoga with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By 8.00 a.m., individuals abandoned the thought of entering the principle venue and strolled back to Pragati Maidan metro station.

Reportedly, many people who aren’t able to handle the police had spread daily paper sheets out and sat with a yoga posture. Some of them made jokes about being hoodwinked by the administration while others took pictures against the setting of India Gate. The police shaped a human affix to keep the group in limit points.

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