Indian Cricket Is Not Interested In Playing Against Us: PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt

Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) executive Ijaz Butt has said that the present PCB set-up ought to stop attempting to sort out a series against India as “it would never happen”.

Indian Cricket Is Not Interested In Playing Against Us: PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt

“It is an exercise in pointlessness. It is never going to happen on the grounds that the Indian board is not intrigued by playing against us. They utilize the reason of their administration’s authorization all the time to not play us,” Butt told media. Secretary Anurag Thakur as of late precluded any probability of India-Pakistan series.

Indian Cricket Is Not Interested In Playing Against Us: PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt
Indian Cricket Is Not Interested In Playing Against Us: PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt

Butt, a previous Test batsman and a famous figure in Pakistan cricket especially when he was PCB administrator from 2008 to 2012, was clear in his brain that the Indian board, BCCI, would not play Pakistan in December.

“The Indians playing us at a seaward venue is not feasible. The fact of the matter is they would prefer not to play us. When I was administrator we even offered to play our home series in India in the event that we got the opportunity to keep the incomes however they straight cannot,” he reviewed.

Butt said that the Indian board’s choice to not play Pakistan was because of the fuming relations and ill will between the two nations since freedom. “We may discuss fellowship constantly, the truth of the matter is the Indian cricket authorities have constantly attempted to hurt us inside and out conceivable. Morally they owe us no less than two home series however they won’t play even now,” Butt said.

He noticed that for no different series does the BCCI needs to include its administration aside from Pakistan. “It is only a postponing implement and our load up ought not to waste their vitality and time. Pakistan cricket has indicated notwithstanding such a large number of issues subsequent to the most recent couple of years that it can stand and get by all alone feet.”

The previous PCB chief called attention to that the Indians had demonstrated their actual sentiments about Pakistan cricket and players by continually disregarding them in the IPL since 2008.

“There have been such a variety of episodes as of late where the Indians have treated our sportsmen or ladies unfaithfully and been rough yet we have endured despite everything we discuss restoration of two-sided series. It is an exercise in futility.” He exhorted the PCB to be clear about its position on relations with India.

“The Indians constantly needed to control world cricket and now they are doing that with the assistance of Australia and England in the ICC. They control the accounts now. Which is the reason notwithstanding everything N Srinivasan remains the director of the world body.”

Butt, in whose residency the 2010 spot settling outrage occurred and aggressors assaulted the Sri Lankan group in Lahore, likewise discounted the possibilities of the PCB propelling the Pakistan Super League T20 occasion.

“The PSL is an overpriced venture and you can dare to dream to recuperate the cash if the top players of the world come to play in the PSL and I don’t see that event for some reasons. So I don’t see the class being held.”

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