Top 5 batsmen according to Glenn McGrath

Glenn McGrath, the world class prime bowler, picked the five batsmen he “extraordinarily respected” in his recent interview. The best bowler in Test cricket with 563 wickets, McGrath’s words convey a great deal of worth. Working with laser-guided accuracy, the Aussie legend was included in grasping fights with some of these impressive batsmen.

Top 5 batsmen according to Glenn McGrath:

Executive of Cricket at the MRF Pace academy here, McGrath said, “The names are not so much in a specific request but rather these are batsmen from my time for whom I have a great deal of appreciation.”

Sachin Tendulkar: He is up there clearly, such a quality batsman. In fact so great. From a youthful age he grew up with a cricket bat in his grasp. Rationally so solid. To play for a long time in simply inconceivable. You got the opportunity to have genuine adoration and enthusiasm for the amusement. He had the system to decimate assaults, additionally has the tolerance to bat throughout the day. Incredible bundle. In the event that you are so incredible it is not one thing that emerges, it must be enormity no matter how you look at it. A complete batsman.

Brian Lara: Left-hander, exceptionally showy, wanted to play his shots. He was the one gentleman I could never secure or get him to change his diversion. Indeed, even Sachin, I felt, on the off chance that I played well to him, he would sit tight for the terrible ball.


Brian would not have liked to sit tight for the terrible ball; he simply needed to be up there playing his shots. At times I could utilize that against him to get him out, dish more full and more extensive, he would slice at it and there was a decent risk of him getting got in the slips.The opposite side of it was he has scored some enormous hundreds, some huge twofold hundreds against Australia.

He is that sort of player who is continually hoping to rule, played the ball late. You never recognized what you were going to get. A few days, he would be a smidgen everywhere, tad bit of a wreck.

Different days, he was so focussed. In the event that you needed to pay to come and watch a batsman, it would be Brian. He was a performer, played all the shots, his footwork was great. He had a high back-lift, which a considerable measure of batsmen didn’t have, yet that is the thing that permitted him to play the shots he did.

Rahul Dravid: Such a quality batsman, buckled down at his amusement. He was arranged to bat throughout the day. He would set himself to score huge hundreds and after that go for a twofold. He had strong protection.

Truly needed to endeavour to get him out. When he got in, had the fixation to bat endlessly. In the event that there was one individual who you needed to bat for your life, it would be Dravid. He was actually so great, rationally so exchanged on. I don’t think he experienced any shortcomings truly.

When I tried him on and around the off-stump with some development and ricochet he was up to the test. He did well. Perhaps in the last piece of his vocation, he got out now and again to the particular case that sneaked back through the entryway however he merits a great deal of credit for what he has fulfilled.

Ricky Ponting: I have played a ton of cricket with Rick. I generally thought he would be the main run-scorer in Test cricket when he resigned yet Sachin took that out of breaking points from any other person.

Once more, great method from a youthful age. He was stamped as future Australian Captain. An exceptionally forceful batsman, notwithstanding the obligations of captaincy.

Played the short ball and additionally any batsman I have played against. He went up against it, sponsored himself. He could play the draw shot off the front foot or go right back for the stroke.

He was so fast. You thought you had a chance in light of the fact that he played his shots however Ricky was so sure. So prevailing, such great footwork. Was troublesome for bowlers to settle down on a length against him.

At that point you likewise had different Australians like Adam Gilchrist, who could detract the match from you rapidly. Also, Matthew Hayden, who was an alternate kind of batsman once more.

Steve Waugh: Stephen was a harder, greedier batsman than most different gentlemen. He would do the hard occupation, look monstrous. He wouldn’t dole his wicket out in weight circumstances, made you fill in as hard as could be allowed. His mental quality, that determination, was the key.

There were times when he looked uncomfortable against the short ball yet once in a while got out to the conveyance. He didn’t fret over how he showed up at the wrinkle. That kind of thing did not say something his psyche. He did what he needs to do. Heaps of valour.

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