ACT Fibernet Launches 1GBPS Internet Service In Hyderabad

ACT Fibernet Launches 1GBPS

Are you living in Hyderabad? Then, you can take a membership in the Giga club. ACT Fibernet chose the city to launch their gigabyte internet connection first ever in India.

According to the statistics, ACT Fibernet is the largest internet service provider in the twin cities (Hyderabad and Secunderabad) with over 65 percent of market share. Maybe, that’s the reason they selected Hyderabad for the first launch.

When we take the overall number of users, ACT Fibernet comes at the third place with 1.2 million customers. And, they claim to be the largest non-telecom ISP in the whole country.

Let’s come back to their latest plan now. As stated earlier, you will get a wired broadband connection with 1 Gbps speed. They have set the FUP to 1 TB. Means you can download a movie within a few seconds even faster than transferring the same to a USB 3.0 pen drive.

How much should you pay for it? Well, the price is 5999 INR per month. And, they haven’t announced any small plans just yet. As compared to 2.5 Mbps average speed in India and the price we pay for such connections, the plan ACT Fibernet came up with is impressive.

They only launched it in Hyderabad. And, the company even hinted at launching the same plan in 10 other major cities all over the nation (where ACT Fibernet has the presence).

Maybe, you are not such a savvy data consumer that you only need a small connection with less FUP (maybe a little less speed as well). In that case, you have to be disappointed. They only announced one plan.

The company says they target startups, retail outlets, and internet companies. So, they may come up with some plans targeting individuals soon. But nothing is official right now.

India is the second largest internet consuming country with well over 400 million users. Given that everyone loves speed and better FUP, ACT Fibernet’s plan makes sense.

The speculations point to the possibility of Jio coming up with broadband fiber network to the home (FTTH) with the name Reliance Jio Gigafibre soon. In fact, the end-users will get good tariff rates in the upcoming months.

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